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Organic-Based Lawn Care Products are Safe for the Environment

We pride ourselves on using only organic-based lawn care products. It is important for us to use only organic-based lawn care products because these products are safer for the environment as well as for your family. If you imagine your soil as a living organism, then consider what you would “feed” this organism. Organic-based lawn care fertilizers have more nutrients than synthetic products.

Organic-Based Lawn Care Service in Frederick Maryland

The first impression that guests and clients have of your home or business is the look of your lawn. An attractive entrance makes your space welcoming and approachable. Leave a great first impression by utilizing our lawn care services in Frederick, MD.  NaturaLawn® of America in Frederick, MD offers solutions to keep your lawn looking healthy year-round.


A Range of Lawn Care Services in Frederick MD

Clients in Frederick, MD have varying needs for lawn care services based on the size and condition of their grass. We specialize in personalized lawn care services including the following:

Lawn Pest Control

Need help with your pest control? Read more about Our services.

Lawn Seeding

Need help with your lawn? Read more about our lawn care.

Lawn Aeration

We offer a variety of lawn care service. Read more about our services.

Weed Control

Is your weed out of control? No Worries, we can help with that.

Happy Customers

Don’t take our word for it. Ready what our customers in Maryland have to say.

Always on time and never had an issue. It's been two years now and I can say that they get the job done.
Earnest Walt

I have paid for multiple lawn care services and these guys are the most affordable and reliable lawn care service I’ve had. 


Bobby Johnsson​

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Every lawn is different. That is why we don’t have a fixed pricing on our services. Call us today and talk to a representative who will gladly help you. 

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